Smt. Vidyaben Jagmohandas Boda Rushikul Gurukul Eng. Med. Nursery School

Smt. Maniben Ladhabhai Patel Rushikul Gurukul Eng. Med. K.G. School

Smt. Bhanumatiben Vadilal Gandhi Rushikul Gurukul Eng. Med. Primary School

Rushikul Gurukul Eng. Medium High School

About Us

“IT’S NOT ABOUT RACE, BUT IT IS THE DEVELOPMENT OF INNER WISDOM”. Rushikul Gurukul Eng. Med. School (RGEMS) was founded in the year 1998, conducted by Mumbai Pradesh Arya Vidya Sabha (MPAVS), Gurukul Educational Institutions. MPAVS is more than 106 year old trust. At Rushikul Gurukul, “How to learn” is more important compound then “What to learn”. At RGEMS we help the child to grow, develop and enhance their individuality from Nursery to std. 10th by SSC Board. Our school is co-educational.


To develop leaders for tomorrow who can face the world with humility, courage and enthusiasm.


To motivate, empower and unlock the potential of our students with the help of the Head,
Heart, Hand and Health. Developing virtues like compassion, creativity, courage, confidence, curiosity,
courtesy and commitment. Creating an individual who has love for lifelong learning process and which
enable them to live life happily.


  1. Committed to inspire both the gifted student and the less gifted ones so that they rise to
    their true potential and make them realize that academic excellence is not the sole criteria to be a good
    Human being.
  2. To inculcate the spirit of accommodation, patience and tolerance, which are so essential in today’s world.
  3. Together with this the school carries the responsibility of providing all possible opportunities to our
    students to enable them to enjoy school life through games, sports and extracurricular activities so that
    the golden years of their lives become truly productive, enjoyable and memorable.
  4. To constantly provide them physical and practical environment to prepare them for lifelong learning process.
  5. To make learning a fun process through skill based, action oriented, learning through nature which they can apply in their daily life.
  6. Use of Art, Drama and Music for Creative expressions of thoughts as it help in nurturing the holistic development of the child.
  7. Parents as partners who will play proactive role in such a way that “Everyone will be an achiever”.
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