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Memorable Moments and Proud Accolades

We believe in fun, laughter, listening, talking, creating space, recreation and relaxation. At Gurukul, we look at everything through the perspective of the children. We aim at creating the right climate for the child to develop fully as a complete human being. The State-of-the-art infrastructure facility braced up with a comprehensive, stocked library, well equipped laboratories, computer labs, audio-visual rooms, cyber library, well designed, spacious, colorful and bright classrooms promotes the intellectual pursuit of students from primary to degree level.As the curtain rises to portray Gurukul Educational Institutions, we have intermingled emotion of joy and sorrow. Joy for having successfully completed more than 100 years of excellence, grief for having lost many who strived hard to place the Institution on a pedestal, but aren’t amidst us today to bask in the glory of celebrations. The journey of Gurukul is marked by vicissitudes – dreams, accomplishments, triumphs, ecstasy on one side; realities, tensions, hard work, strife on the other side. Nevertheless, in the culmination, we see ourselves emerging so fresh, so strong and so determined in the service of humanity that we definitely stand as a beacon light guiding many by touching their hearts in a unique way.

These rare glimpses re-live all these golden moments which moulded personalities, moments which we would cherish for a life time, moments, the very thought of which fills us with joy and fulfillment. Travelling down the memory lane, reminiscing every moment of history, remembering every soul that made the journey possible and compiling each detail that proved a milestone in these years of excellence. As we walk hand in hand, we realize a strong feeling of ‘una corda’ (one string), passing through us, as our strength. As we forge ahead, through the path well-chalked, let the radiant sunlight pierce the canopy, bathe us with its sheen. Let’s have treasured memories to soothe our souls and revive inner strength to guide us through.

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