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The Five Baskets of Gurukul

Gurukul Sports Academy (GSA)


  • One Sports Academy under Gurukul Educational Institutions, M.P.A.V.S.
  • Unified working and coordinating with all the relevant faculties & students of Gurukul
  • Focus on sports for overall development of students
  • Healthy life, Relieve Stress, Make Friends, Gain Confidence, Develop Skills
  • Overcome Challenges, Career opportunities, Esprit De Corps, Improve Academics
  • Build up Team activities and Team Spirit

Gurukul Information Technology Centre (GITC)


  • To conduct I.T. related trainings for students and staff
  • Make Gurukul staff and students Techno-savvy
  • Offer workshops and trainings to improve Employability of students
  • Give updated knowledge to students and staff
  • Provide opportunities for creativity and innovativeness, its use and application of job related softwares like Tally, MS Office, etc.
  • Develop effective presentation skills and help the Teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Update and provide platforms to learn IT-apps and its application in daily use

Gurukul Academics & Administration (GAA)

GAA contains:

  • Gurukul Literary Academy (GLA)
  • Gurukul Administration (GA)

Gurukul Literary Academy (GLA)


  • To enhance the literary skills of students and staff
  • To bring to light the hidden talents among the students
  • To provide a platform for the students to develop their potential
  • To help Schools/ College to conduct competitions for literary events like Debates, Elocution, Extempore, Poetry writing, Essay writing, JAM and Group discussions.
  • To encourage students to attend literary events outside the School/ college.
  • To encourage students to make literary contributions to the Institute magazines in the form of articles, poetry and other write-up
  • To conduct Academic Audit
  • To publish Annual Gurukul Magazine – Gurukul Jyoti

Gurukul Administration (GA)


  • To establish and streamline the Processes and Systems at GEI
  • HR Initiatives
  • Energy Conservation
  • Safe and Healthy Campus
  • Disaster Management
  • Green Campus

Gurukul Soft Skills Academy (GSSA)


  • To develop effective communication skills
  • Develop effective presentation skills.
  • Arrange Motivational Talks
  • Inter-personal skills, team management skills
  • Leadership skills.
  • Time Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Moral & Value Education
  • Attitude, manners & Behavior
  • Personality Development & Self Esteem
  • Career Development Program
  • Empathy, Creativity
  • Mentoring & Counseling
  • Self & Community Awareness

Gurukul Cultural Academy (GCA)


  • To promote various cultural activities of Gurukul
  • To bring to light hidden talents among the students
  • To encourage inter and intra School and College Events
  • To foster the cultural life and implement measures to promote the integration of a cultural dimension into all the Institutions
  • Help the schools/ College organize Cultural Activities at a higher scale
  • Holistic Development of students
  • To encourage students to participate and develop various performing skills
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