An ODE to Gurukul by Alumna

Turn back the time, every minute a year,
Through the looking glass, a half hour, yet the memories crystal clear,
Time flies by, it seems like an eternity,
Yet it seems just now, how could that be?
The books, the pencils, the bag an event to go to school,
Baby steps to footprints leading to Gurukul,
The innocence, the laughter, the disappointments, the teasing and play,
Cramming notes, studying, talking in class, being with friends, all in a day,
The Gurukul teachers were my guides, I had to draw the map,
With each passing grade, crossing another lap,
Whatever, wherever, whoever we are, we are here today,
I express my gratitude, school had the most important part to play,
Students come and students go but they are like pebbles on the beach,
The waves of Gurukul have shaped us all, one and each,
Let us say congratulations and a big thank you to our Alma mater,
You have and will remain in our hearts ever after.


Rohini Moholkar Rao

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